Thank you for the internet addresses 2003

Thank you for the internet addresses :)

Hello Igor,

It was nice talking with you in the super-market. I have been a little busy around here, so I am sorry for not responding to your email sooner. I am having a really wonderful time here in the Ukraine, everyone is very friendly :)

>From: “Igor Goncharov” <>
>Reply-To: “Igor Goncharov” <>
>Subject: software urls:-)
>Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 16:27:31 +0300

>Hi, bob.
>The meatballs I bought appeared worse than I expected:-) Next time I will try something else or cook myself.
Ahh, well that happens sometime. What I got, the meat with onions and cheese on-top, tasted very good :)

>O.K. Here are the few addresses I promised to send.
> – updated daily
> – updated weekly
> – updated occasionally
> – they closed free access to “ambar” (a warehouse) but place the books in pfd. Recently the placed a nice book on software testing (published in april 2003! – 13Mb)
Thank you very much, I will have to look at these :)

>The only bad thing the cites made in russian:-), but it will be a stimulus for you to study some words in Russian
I may just view the webpage though, to display them in English :)

>and for your nice shy girlfriend to practice English:-).
Hehe yes, she is very shy :)

>See you!
I hope so and thank you for the addresses.

-bob smith

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