Summer catch up with Jerry

Jerry: Good evening!  How goes it?  Sitting here working on class work and noticed you online.
Sent at 10:14 PM on Thursday
me: Yep, I’m online! Going alright [smile]
Sent at 10:16 PM on Thursday
Jerry: Good to hear!  so what are you up to?  I’m am still working for Kennedys as a Safety Director and looking for a new job every day.  In addition I am taking online courses through Capella Univ in the HR program
me: I’m having fun making things, the usual…
Jerry: I just had an interview on the phone this evening with Giant Eagle for a position about two hours from hear, not sure what I might want to do there…..
me: By the way, I think my emails haven’t been getting though to you. I had a problem with gmail trashing mail as spam, so I’m wondering if that might have been happening…
Sent at 10:19 PM on Thursday
Jerry: Yep I think so.  I have only received one or two messages from you in the past wow couple of years
me: Well, we’ll have to fix that [smile]
Jerry: I agree, what is your address and phone #
We moved two summers ago,
me: By the way, I’m using this gmail chat since my wife is on a trip. It’s interesting [smile]
Phone number
Sent at 10:22 PM on Thursday
Sent at 10:25 PM on Thursday
me: By the way, last time you saw me with a knee injury, but that got better. Then I had a muscle injury and I’m still walking with a cane a lot of the time because of that. Life can be interesting…
But I’m doing alright and having fun making things as always [smile]
Jerry: Ah yes, especially when we get older [frown]
me: Indeed…
Jerry: Did you ever find a IT position?
me: No, last year wasn’t a very good year…
But this year’s looking better [smile]
Jerry: I hear you… I am hoping to be able to change jobs some, the present position is difficult at best.
me: I’ll tell you something cool about my wife…
She got her degrees translated and certified. She’s got two masters degrees.
Jerry: Feel free to use my anytime for a personal contact!
me: One in Agriculture and on in Biology…
Thank you Jerry! [smile]
Jerry: Great!!!  Good for her!!!
Sent at 10:31 PM on Thursday
Jerry: For that matter I can be also used as a professional references, for the consulting work you have done for me
me: Regarding Nina: It’s great! It took a lot of help, but she’s learned to drive, gotten some job experience. She’s looking for a lab position. She has even been getting calls from recruters…
Thank, I’ll remember that… And I’ll tell ya, it really was a lot of fun helping you with those classes [smile]
And that steak that you made me, I saved a picture!
Jerry: Thanks!  Dido!
I would be happy to make you another anytime
Sent at 10:35 PM on Thursday
me: That would be great [smile] But it’s going to be a little while longer before I swing by Slippery Rock…
By the way…
Jerry: I understand, well how knows maybe I’ll come that way over the summer
Sent at 10:37 PM on Thursday
me: If you are every up this way you’re welcome! Two weeks ago I was having some fun showing some of Nina’s friends the town. It’s a pretty cool town…
Jerry: Nina looks like she is adjusting well and you well as always having fun
me: Nina had some friends from Ukraine visiting, it was something of a surprise and the picture is from that day…
Jerry: bob I hate to cut this short but I have to post in the classroom by 12pm and I am only getting started, yeah late a usuall……..  [frown])
Sent at 10:40 PM on Thursday
me: I understand, I have some other things to do to.. But I’ll post one more picture [smile]
Jerry: I will try to give you a call some evening soon.  Have a great evening.  Please do
Post away
me: An amusing picture from this summer visiting Cape Cod…
Just climbing trees…
Sent at 10:44 PM on Thursday
Jerry: Never let it be said that little things hold you back!  But really how safe it that? Wheres your fall protection? haahaa
me: It’s perfectly safe, I was using my crutches! hahaha
Jerry: ok then, goodnight; chat with you soon
me: Well, have a good night and get some work done! I’ll catch you later…

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