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Celebrity Superpowers for Scrabble

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Celebrity Superpowers for Scrabble

Break the rules of scrabble like a celebrity with these celebrity scrabble game rules! Take a letter in your tile holder out and move it in front of your tile holder. Then get a new letter. You can only have one super power.

Superpower B – Britney Spears – You can throw back one hard letter per turn and get a new letter. Career reboot!

Superpower D – Dead or Alive – You can put words in blank spaces not connected to other words. One hit wonder baby.

Superpower E – Elvis Presley – Take two more tiles then allowed by law and make more hits then anyone else!

Superpower G – Gotye – You can build words that go outside of the board.

Superpower H – MC Hammer – You can use abbreviations and names.

Superpower J – Justin Bieber – You can build on top of existing words without making a different word to get rid of tiles. LOL.

Superpower M – Michael J. Fox – You can take off other peoples words to put in your own. Take me back in time!

Superpower Y – Al Yankovic – You can build new words on top of old words. Like a surgeon/sturgeon!